Can't gain access to my purchased cars or DLC or Gifted Cars!?

I go into My Cars and only see the original BMW M4 I purchased to start the game…
I have all the VIP Pacs, the Porshe Pack that recently came out (which cost me real money -as did another car pack) but I simply can not access any of my cars, even though when I go into the ‘Buy Car’ section, my ‘Purchased’ cars show up as -well, purchased, naturally.

Yes, I’ve recently done the FH2 update, the Xbox ONE update, plus controller update, yet FH2 is a complete shambles as far as a racing game goes.

Would it be so hard to have some similarities between how one accesses to ones own purchases? - or is there some mystical way of getting at what you’ve actually paid for…?

Any help greatly appreciated… (Mod advice welcomed)

Like your other question you need to play the game some more - follow the story line until you have done the first Horizon Finale (something like 3 championships) and those things will unlock.

Many thanks, most appreciated for your solid comments…