Can't Even Start the Forza 7 Download

Hello, like many on these forums I’ve been trying to deal with the issue of the Forza 7 download stopping part way through. Now I have an even bigger issue, the download won’t even start!

I hit the install button on the product page, I select what hard drive I want t install it to, and it goes back to the product page without doing anything.

Has anyone else experienced this?

This is my first time trying to use the microsoft store for anything, I can’t believe what a mess it is.



This is the same issue I’m having, seems like most other people are having trouble downloading, while we can’t even start the download. this is ridiculous for a game that we were promised well over 24 hours ago.

Well glad it’s the 30th and I’m not the only one with this issue as well. Downloaded on Xbox just fine but the PC version is the biggest joke right now. I at least had hope when my download would start and then fail, but I can’t get even get that far now, won’t even que it up in my download tab.

I had same problem, then I discovered that Kaspersky internet security was not properly configured for handling encrypting protocols.
I found a solution on YouTube, sorry I really can’t remember what it was precisely.

start - settings (cogwheel icon) - apps & features - store - advanced options - reset

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This^^^ Thank you! I I’m now back to downloading it at least. Fingers crossed it finishes!

Thanks, the reset worked in terms of letting me start the download, unfortunately I still can’t complete the download.

Come on Microsoft, this is not rocket science!