Cant erase cars from auction house?

Hey guys maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I wanted to restart my game but keep some of the cars I had built so i put them in the auction house and restarted a new game. I did this in horizon 3 twice because i wanted to start with slower cars and work my way up because I hated the choices you had to start with. So basically same thing here. I wanted to restart with the Mugen CRX since I am not a fan of the career progression at all in this game. So needless to say since obviously turn 10 thinks this is some form of cheating i could not reclaim my cars so I am like ok ill just erase them…but i cant find anywhere to do it…at all. So that left me with a auction house with like 7 cars that I cant remove and see no option to do so. I even purchased a new gamertag and guess what they are still there. This seems so stupid to me because I have the ultimate edition so i have fast cars to start with and i sell almost all of them so its not like I am trying to gain some advantage…technically I am doing the exact opposite. So if someone could tell me how to erase these cars i would greatly appreciate it. This just seems like such an oversight to me…I mean what happens to the cars in the auction house if my game data gets corrupted or something and have to start a new career??