Cant create private server - Cannot allocate server

Anyone found a fix for the problem in the title?

I have the same problem. my nat is open and I can join regular hoppers no problem.


I have the team looking into this for you.


Thanks, tell us something when you can! :slight_smile:

I am just casually posting here to confirm this problem with five players from our community.

Now 7

Any word if we’re gonna get this fix before the weekend?

Same here, I was really looking forward to playing in a private lobby with my nephew for a few races getting set up and used to the new game before going into public lobbies, this needs fixing quickly please.

This game is a mess,the multiplayer is a sham.No actual specific class racing and now at this moment it is not working at all .No pick a class and track to time trial on …What a mess. money back please if this is how VIP players are treated with a half baked game for £80

I cant join multiplayer at all… Whenever I try it tells me " Failed to acquire data server data" Anyone know a fix?

Would really appreciate an official reply about if anything is going to be done over the weekend or if I’m stuck not being able to play with my friends…

I dont have a reply for you yet. No ETA at this time. I will update you guys when I have one.


Some people seem able to create private sessions, I’ve seen streams of them, so it isn’t a problem that everyone has, which sucks even more xD

Also having the same problem…

same problem, PC platform.
singleplayer in the meantime :slight_smile:

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same problem here. my buddies can start one up but not me. checked all my settings. i can leave lobby and join him back and he can start it up but not me. everything else works fine

yes same problem

Same problem

Same problem! On PC. No problem joining public sessions though.

I feel like we won’t hear anything about this untill release day at the earliest…