Can't connenct online FH4

Hi there,

as you may know hungary currently has issues with the forza horizon 4 online play.
we get the error message that the DNS could not resolve the server’s name b50ccb1a-4212-569f-b2b5-80a476e59ac8. also there is another error message: IPSECx089232001
There has been a workaround in forza horizon 3 to set the primary and secondary DNS to google’s servers. in this case it is not working so i would like to ask, is it possible to provide the server’s
name and/or IP address so we could check with the ISP?
As per forums and groups on the internet the whole country is suffering from this case. the only common point is that we have the same ISP (or the same ISP with different last mile ISP)

If the information is unavailable could you please get in touch with “Magyar Telekom” and troubleshoot the case?

Thank you.