Can't connect to Forza Horizon 4 servers

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Hi, Fh4 online don’t work… please help me…
This is the connection error

Be sure you’ve read the articles at Forza Support and if they don’t provide a solution, use the link at the bottom of an article to submit a ticket:

everytime i try play online i get dc after 5 min or something like that ,its been like these from 6 months ago until now,i tryed everything to fix and i already take like 3 tickets ,anyone can help or is just better i switch to mario kart?


Your internet connection is too weak - talk to your Internet Service Provider…To check your internet connection speed run - Speed Test.

Not always the case. I’m on ethernet connection, DLS is 81-96mpbs and ULS 9.4-10.3Mbps and I’m having issues.

Im having problems to connect online since yesterday. Keep giving me a connection error. I toght that was my Internet speed and it wasent. 51 Ping Out of my country and 7 Ping in my country. I toght that was my PC or software and it wasent. My Ryzen 7 3700x its update and my RTX 3070 its updated and w10 and dirextX updated. Its the servers. All my other online games run smoothly whit no issues. Thank you! Happy New year!

i can play all the other games perfect without any problem only this one



I’m writing to you, because i need help with a huge problem. The problem is nothing else than connection isue.
While i was playing FH4 the electricity in my house was cutted for ma moment. Then it came back to normal. So I started FH4 again and when i wanted to connect to the servers this showed up…
(I’m from Poland so the massage is in Polish also)


Failed to join the session.
For help on a problem, please visit the support site.
Support identificator.

Server identificator.

Connection quality: Failed
Region: Failed

I tried finding answer at support site, but there is nothing that would help me.


[Mod Edit - please translate your text before posting; all posts must be in English - MM]

[Mod Edit - please translate your text before posting; all posts must be in English - MM]

I thought i’m the only one who experience this. Already restarted my Router, cleared DNS Cache, set up new DNS Address and restarted my Computer. All the common Steps at least. Nothing works.

It’s been like this for me for about a month. Yet auctions are fine :confused:

Constant IPSEC errors!! Tried all fixes and still won’t connect. Spoke to Microsoft on Monday 24/05/21 and its been investigated. Supposed to be upto 72hrs for a response, still waiting!

DNS is ok, Teredo driver is ok, XBL services up & running. And still cannot connect.

Come on T10 what is wrong with this game? Beginning to lose faith in this franchise altogether. More so when you spend £90+ on it and you cannot play it to its full potential!!

Same here, obviously Forza / Playground Games have a problem!

Yeah, servers seem to be down at the moment.

I agree, seems to be a generoic issue with the Forza platform. I can get into the game, my stats etc are being synchronized (I use Forza Horizon 4 on both PC and XBox), but Horizon Life sessions fail. Seems to have started aroounf 19:30 CET. Earlier this afternoon all was well.

Count me in.
Yesterday was fine.
I thoght that it had something to do with today firewall update, but even after turning it off it does not work.

Same here; on XB1.

Yeah they gotta fix this soon

I have the same problem currently,so I researched and found out it might be about teredo error.Tried everything but in vain… Then found out this: Xbox Support
it says there is a connection problem in social and games by the microsoft ,it says" Hello Xbox members, we’re currently experiencing an issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back for updates." so problem is from microsoft and all we can do is to wait for them to fix it.

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