Can't Complete This Week's Forzathon's Champions Wanted Challenge

There’s been lots of bugs in terms of these Forzathon challenges. Usually if the challenge is to win a race or so then it won’t let you complete it when playing online coop with a friend. Normally it lets you earn every other challenge including completing or winning a championship. One of this week’s challenges is the Champions Wanted challenge where you complete a championship in an extreme track toy to win the #17 XBOX Racing Ford Falcon. My friend and I did a championship last night with both of us racing in the Pagani Zonda R, but we didn’t earn it. And yes, we created our own blueprint championship for extreme track toys. This morning, I then went and completed a championship again in the Zonda R alone in the campaign but didn’t complete the challenge either. Anyone else having this issue? Or am I doing something wrong here?

Xbox Live GT: Mercinary114

Yeah I’m having the same issue.

Me too.

I thought it may be an issue with archievments in general, as my 250mph archievment in F7 doesn´t unlock as well, even though it shows 100% completion.
But the Ariel Atom speed trap and the speed skill challenge worked fine.

I was having the same issue earlier and decided to try out the stupid Ariel Atom V8 needed for all the other achievements within the extreme track toys forzathon and it worked… I guess they want that car to complete the championship and didn’t designate it within the champion achievement.

edit: it works for non-DLC cars… #failathon

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No. That’s not it at all. I did mine in the Ultima and the Sesto Elemento, switching after the 2nd race.

I guess it may just be DLC cars having issues then… Ridiculous!

What’s ridiculous is that it has been that way since release as well

That’s why with every forzathon it is suggested not to use dlc cars if you are having issues

Doing it in the Atom seems to have worked, but Jesus does that car suck. It was like I was driving on ice lol

There is a history of DLC cars not always working for the Forzathon events.


Same issue here. Completed two championships with two different cars and neither worked.

Going to assume you used two of the following extreme track toy cars for the champions wanted forzathon:

Ferrari F50 GT
Pagani Zonda R
Porsche #45 GT3 RSR
Ultima GTR 720
Audi #45 R8 LMS ultra
BMW #55 Z4 GTE
#3 Corvette C7.R
#93 Viper GTS-R
#51 458 Italia

so try one of the other 31 or so extreme track toys that previous people have posted that has confirmed to have worked.

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thanks for the replies. took the x-bow, worked fine for me.