Cant change my car AT ALL

Hey Folks,

its really weird, i cant change my car in the lobby. When i try to use the stick or the d-pad,nothing happened. Its really really annoying when i lose races because of that !
I tried to reset my Elite Controller or change it to the Xbox One S Pad, nothing helped at all. its not possible for me to change my car except it is the same manufactor. Means i can only use Up+Down on the Dpad…

Another frustating thing is this Textchat. Good Lord why Leftstick+X ??? Do you guys even imagine that someone could shift in corners ? Why is it possible to Textchat during a Race ??? idk what youre doing while youre driving. Id never write a message except in the lobbys…

Apart from the fact that every function/feature in the game is broken, youre implement things to the game which are broken aswell or developed by trainees. i mean for example when i win every race i get lower points as someone who leaves the lobby ? When he come back although hes just 2nd , he gets more points then me ?

i really deal with a lot of the Problems and bugs but im not far away to retire again…


Workaround: Filter the Cars to Class-R , the cars will be listed and choosable with Up+Down on the Dpad.

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Same problem here and same problem with car settings - you can’t use RB and LB buttons to navigate betweens tabs.

It’s related with the new CATEGORIES game section.

I have XBOX ONE day one.

@GTz r0sh1 : Love your F50 S800 tune :wink:

thx m8

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More details here : [MULTIPLAYERS] RB and LB buttons not working - can't select MY TUNES or CAR MANUFACTURERS - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

I have a similar issue, but i can use the RB/LB and left/right controls on D-Pad and Left Stick to switch between makes, but cannot scroll down to select new car, it just bounces me back to the top.