Can't change car color anymore?

With every car that I try to change the color, it lets me change it, saves that color; but when I go into career or free play, it defaults back to the previous color. What the… !? I relaunched the game but that didn’t have any effect.

I also can’t share photo or unshare photos for that matter. If it helps, for now it says forzathon is unavailable and I can’t find paint designs because getting the “feature not available” message.

What’s going on then??

Never mind - I think the update fixed it.

I was also not getting the Forza 7 splash screen on boot up; it would go straight to the black screen with the small circle spinning in the bottom right.

Well, good to see the 911 gt2 with the white background again and glad the colors are working. Update fixed something so… nice!