Can't buy tokens

Just got Forza Horizon 1 for my XB1 and I want to buy Fast Travel Anywhere and the Treasure Map but when I try to buy tokens it says that there are no items available.

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Same here… it’s the last part I miss here at rewards but unable to purchase tokens on X1
Do I really have to maybe borrow a 360 to buy them over there?!
Or will that be possible soon on X1?!

Same problem with me. :frowning:

They don’t have half the dlc on the marketplace on the XB1 for FH.

Would tokens appear the xbox store website? If so then they stopped it but I don’t remember them stopping tokens on FH1, I hope Turn 10 and/or Playground Games fixes this issue.

Well I borrowed my friends 360 to purchase tokens and I still didn’t get the rewards…

also I have 0/5 dlc showing despite purchasing the season pass as well.

Reward can take up to 48 hours to appear. Did your rewards appear yet?

Nope. I bought it like 2 weeks ago. Still not updated. Forza rewards is all messed up.

I’m running into the same issue and I’d bought the season pass more than 48 hours ago. My gamerscore in Horizon is also not being seen.

Yeah just bought season pass from xbox1 and nothing is happening

Wow. 1 /5 today. Huge breakthrough

I am having trouble with buying tokens also hope they sort this out soon

Same here. So is it true that you can’t use the web store, but can purchase if you have access to Xbox 360?

I had bought a few days ago for that game and I noticed the same thing and now that I try to buy a token and get the dlc season package so they can not buy it.

Is the reason that then 10 turns have stopped support this video game and there not are able to buy or download thease items even free even if xbox live still works?

Tokens and dlc are at Eol I bought tokens last October before they were removed from the marketplace so I was lucky that way but now I face your issue with FM4