Can't buy car for CR ?

Hi, we’re playing FH2 and my kids want a specific car, dont exectly know which it is atm, as Im at work now. But when I try to buy it, it want me to pay with real money ? Seems to be a season pass or something?
Cant it be bought for CR ?

If DLC-car, then need real money unless Season Pass enabled :slight_smile:

I think you can purchase individual DLC cars, with real money, but before you start doing that to appease the children, consider that the season pass is a better value than buying all the cars one at a time.

The season pass will give you access to 6 monthly car packs with 5 cars each, so you’ll get 30 more cars by March. (Plus 1 bonus 88 BMW M5 they gave us and any other bonus cars they might include in the future.)

All the DLC cars will be shown in your auto show, and if you select one of them, it will prompt you to buy the DLC.

Buying car pass also unlocks the Noble, a fine British supercar.

I love that Noble