Can't access the auction house nor any online function (Steam version). Help, please

Pretty much what the title says.

The FH5 servers are unavailable to me for more than a month. No auction house, no custom tuning, no custom livery. I’ve put the game down since then, waiting for a patch. Tried it today and still nothing online works.

I’ve been accustomed to the usual FH problems but this is on a whole new level. I’ve never seen anything like this and I am at loss. Any advice would be of great help.

For more than a month? Did you create free candy van? :smiley:

Other than being a smartass, do you actually have any tips? If not, just move along.

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I am not sure how it could more than a month.

On ignore you go, mate.

I dont know if this works for Steam version, but some people managed to get back online by doing the following with the windows store version.

First sign out of the xbox app manually, then start the game, it should pop up a xbox sign-in screen, if it syncs (do not cancel it no matter how long it takes), then hopefully the game should work online again and connect.

Otherwise it might be something else blocking the connection, this could be many things like a 3rd party application running in windows, or some network related stuff in windows itself, your router etc.

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I’ll try it, thanks a bunch.