can't access CARPASS cars now since update

I assume new update has caused this but now i can’t access CARPASS to claim this weeks PORSCHE 2010 CLASSIC. have tried closing game and rebooting my Xbox and it still says UNREALEASED CAR even though others are driving around in it.

i even BOUGHT one from the AH and it STILL wont let me drive it saying UNREALESED. this is totally unacceptable as i paid real $$$$$ to be able to have EXCLUSIVE cars and now because of the game i can’t.

getting so sick and tired of the bugs and issues with this game and after handing over real $$$$ for this NOT HAPPY GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Exactly the same issue for me, on PC ver.

Its not the update it was there before.
Sometimes it works sometimes u have to wait.

well never happened to me before the update sooooooooo.