Cannot see entire text box under Advanced controller options

Whenever I’m in the advanced controller options making adjustments to my wheel there is always a text help box that pops out depending on which item I have selected. However the entire text does not fit in this box and I have not found any way to display this entire box or scroll in it. I’m playing on PC and can use a keyboard and the d-pad controller my wheel but there doesn’t seem to be any option to scroll or expand this box. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. As I’m not totally familiar with what all the different settings and descriptions are and I’m really trying to dial my wheel in. Thank you.

I’ve tried everything and this just doesn’t work on XBox or PC.

More T10 attention to detail.

On a PC, have you tried the ’ (apostophe) key?

yeah on PC it is the ’ key to expand any help menu and works okay once I figured it out.


Read my post carefully. It is specifically when I’m adjusting controller options. The apostrophe does not work. When you are in the tuning menu the apostrophe does work, and in fact actually show on screen for you to use the apostrophe to see more. However when you are adjusting settings for your wheel there is no way to see the entire box.

OH, I SEE IT NOW!! It appears to be a case of it falling off and any paragraph that does not fit in the mini pop up is basically half finished. Maybe we can unlock it with a Forzathon or Level Up. My new wheel gets here in about an hour so this is a disaster.

See the FFB Is it fixed? Thread, post 1 by Dust2Death and there is a much better explanation of FFB settings than in game anyway.

If somebody can help us out that would be terrific. I thought there was a thread months ago where somebody listed what text was in each of those boxes or the description that was supposed to be there. As it stands you have to kind of wing it because the description is partial and the name of the category does not explain, unless you are in a race engineer, exactly what you’re adjusting.

Yes it is the biggest thread here.

FFB, is it fixed? By Dust2Death. First post.

80 pages last I looked.


Thanks, RaindancerAU. I come across the thread and had seen that description from DUST. I will probably have to scan thru whole thread which is mighty long but might be worth it.

Definitely worth it, but take time to read the first post over and over and put things together.

Then go try things out in game for a bit.

Then back to reading.

It starts to make sense and come together and you should be able to work out the settings that are right for you.

People have different experience with cars and have different expectations on what they should be feeling through a wheel.

Hi. :slight_smile:

I have this problem too. A lot of text is missing from the white boxes that describe what each advanced wheel setting does. For example it will say: The larger this value is the more… I’d like to know whats after the … dots.

I’m hopeless at reading through posts and would just like to ask if any of you have found how to reveal the missing text. Im on PC too.

Many thanks in advance.

Andrew :l

Why isnt this fixed yet? What is the point of popup descriptions if you cant them whole???

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