Cannot get back to menu after race

The issue i am having is i cannot get back to the menu after a race in Career mode. The car just keeps running around the track. I have to exit out of the game and start a new one or restart the xbox one in order to restart the game entirely. This is happens every time after a race regardless of restarting the game. Anyone else having this issue?

some races take alot longer to reset but i have never had one do a full lap yet. i think its caching replays or something that causes the longer post race times. try waiting it out because if you restart while its still auto piloting around the track it hasn’t saved yet. you only get the xp and credits after the counters do their thing. restarting before than its like you never did the race.

I just tried it again. The car just keeps going around the track. As for the credits, i think im still getting them. When i restart the game, it moves to the next track. But i still cannot get back to the menu after the race.

it sounds like you are in career. it goes to the next track not back to the menue for the first 10 races, it might be 11 races now since i completed the career pre road america. after the required races are complete it will ask if you want to do the bonus races which are 5 additional tracks and go to the menue between each race as you are expecting. but yes no menues between races is the way it works for carreer events until you get to the bonus tracks. thats normal not glitching if thats what you are talking about.

when i did career driver levels only paid 15k so i did them for the credits before moving to the next event and always had more than enough money to buy the best car for the next event and tune it how ever i wanted, a credit shortage was never a problem. if you want max credits do the bonus events, since you already own a qualified car its like free extra money (well virtual money)

Im in career mode but what im saying is i cannot get out of the race once it ends . I uploaded a clip of whats going on after the race.

I just keep going a round the track. It does not show the race results. Its stuck.

*UPDATE: I let it sit for 20 mins, it finally moved to the next screen. 20 min is along time to wait.

have you done a hard reset of your console

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The proper method to reset the Xbox One console is to exit any game you may be in in the Dashboard, then hold the Big X button on the One until the unit shuts itself down. Then remove the external power pack plug from the wall (or at least the wall-side connector on the pack. Now do something else for about three minutes. After that, plug the power back in and check the light on the power pack. It will be white at first, then turn orange. While orange, start up the One as you normally do.

You will have a green screen for 10-30 seconds as the system does a self-check, and then will boot into the main Dashboard. Logon to Xbox LIVE and then check the download section for games to make sure all is complete. After that, you can again launch the game.

sometimes i have the same thing, anybody knows why?