Cannot Connect to Multiplayer servers.

I’ve been trying to connect to the multiplayer servers but every time i try i get a “failure to connect to server” or “unable to join session” notice any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

i’ve been having the same issue the past week or so. i’ve tested the multiplayer connection in the xbox settings, and it says that its fine. and im also able to play multiplayer in battlefield 4. Is this a problem with turn 10s servers???

Do a cold reboot of your console (hold down power button on console for 5 seconds) and maybe even go into settings for the console and in startup/power set it to energy saving mode.

Tried this, still haveing the same problems.

Uninstall game and then reinstall - As long as you don’t delete your saved files you will not lose your cars or career progression. I was unable to join any type of multipler but did the uninstall/reinstall and it cleared it up.

I just did this, and am still unable to join or create any multiplayer rooms. thanks for your help so far though.

I had a problem with actually racing - I got into the lobby, but couldn’t actually go to the track and race. It was my connection as far as I’m aware and when I switched my modem off and on again, it changed the NAT settings and now I can (most often) play online lobbies.