Cannot connect to Horizon Life

Have not been able to connect to Horizon Life since they announced “The Drag Run” this a.m. (EST). Usually it happens automatically a couple of minutes after opening the Game. “Looking for a Horizon Life Session” then “Horizon Life Session Found … Connecting”, now I am seeing nothing and when I check Horizon Events are greyed out and clicking on Horizon Life just produces the standard “Session unavailable, try again later”.

RESOLVED: Problem was related to a pending Windows major feature update. Apparently, noting my limited SSD disk space, in the background it turned on and ran a program called Storage Sense (Windows is sneaky that way) which removed supposedly little used links, thumbnails etc. etc. Anyway, it would appear it was sloppy and removed some much used links also. Decided to bite the bullet and do the update immediately, and, upon restart, all was good in the land of Forza Horizon 4 again. :slight_smile: