Cannot connect online in Asia countries

Hi, i cannot connect online since it released in 28sep, i live in Singapore and i keep getting the DNS error message, my teredo is definitely working since my NAT show open and connectivity is good.

Anyone in Asia experience this??

from sg too, have the same issue as you and its really annoying

from SG too. With home network cant connect, with hotspot 4G can. Not sure why.

Welcome to the club. It affects many people from various countries/continents.

No fix so far for most of us.

All we know is that there is an overlap in ISP among certain demographics.

For example Hungarian Telekom users can’t connect whatsoever, and from what I know German users with Fritzbox routers had Teredo blocked in their router settings.

Might be region problem i guess, U.S players doesn’t have this problem right?

All around the world have this issue… AUS USA EU RU LA KA

Has anyone from Singapore manage to solve this issue yet?

Doubt so. A lot of people in the forums haven’t solved their issues despite all the solutions posted around. Unless a patch rolls out or someone finds a one-for-all fix, I don’t think we’d get anywhere.