Cannot change radio stations

I cannot change the radio station. I reassigned the key, reinstalled the game, played in the cloud. Nothing worked. Does somebody has any idea?

No idea. It is a known issue and listed in their bugs. It is annoying. I have no idea how many people this is affecting. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. It seems like most people are stuck on XM Radio. I am stuck on Block Party so I guess it is random on what station you get stuck on.

I know that this is a known issue but I can’t understand why it’s taken so long to patch? We’re in week three still stuck on XS. Thankfully streamer mode plays some OK D&B but otherwise I just tunr the radio volume down.

radio problem for me too… but in another way, i’ve to put on " no radio " all the times, it doesnt keep my choice …that really bother me