Cannot access Auction House?

Hi all,

I’ve had the game since the start of the month but cannot accesss the Auction House on Xbox One. It appears, but is greyed out and I can’t seem to select it.

Any solutions, please?

That happens to me sometimes, and I sign out and restart the X Box console and it works.
You may want to make sure you are playing Online as well, and that X Box Live is active, and test Internet connection…

98% of the time it is just a communication error between your game and the auction house servers.

I’ve had this happen once or twice, usually when I’m not online, but it could be a server error too.

I cant download vehicle skins and I cant download gifts. Im not banned or anything but if you guys know how to fix it please respond thx.

I have made two accounts but only have the auction house in one. The one that I cant get the auction house on is over a year old. The one I can is slightly more recent butni dont use it as much and have a lot less money. I have no xbox live on either of them and can still get it on one and my wifi is fine so if anyone can resolve this please reply.

Hi I play on a laptop and the Auction House is greyed out even though I’m on Forza live does anyone know the problem.