Cannot access auction house or clubs

I cannot access the auction house or clubs , it is all grayed out for me, I am level 43 with a level 4 surfer’s paradise, level 3 outback, and level 2 byron and yarra valley, please help!

I believe the issue may be because of parental control. If there is parental control applied to an account there are action that allow online privlages. This also includes car designs by other players and etc.

i Got the same problem how can i fix it?

Get rid of the parental controls on your console.

Same for me and I’m on PC and there is no parental controls

Thanks for that, Reofire, i will look into that.

I have the same problem and the parental controls are off auction house says the Gamertag has been banned but can still go online

You’re banned for violation of the Code of Conduct with a depiction of a couple stick figure people doing something you wouldn’t show the grocery checker, teacher at school, the policeman at the corner or a minister. And it isn’t acceptable on Xbox Live either, so you got the penalty.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the rule by Turn 10 employees are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to them at, but by the time you would get a real answer your ban will probably expire.

Mine says I’m banned. I don’t understand how or why. So much for technical support. Just forums. How nice.