Can you still purchase dlc packs from forza Motorsport 2?

I was wondering if I could still purchase dlc packs from both fm2 and fm3, I realize that turn 10 no longer supports these two games anymore, but I am starting to become a huge forza fan and was wondering if I could do this. I am starting to consider making my own racing game, and I am also wondering if you could put for example a Lamborghini in the game without having to pay for it. I realize you need permission to do so but what if you could just credit the manufacturer and just let it slide. I am still young and I don’t think I would be able to get permission from a huge company like that.

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Nope, all DLC was removed from the marketplace. Even if you have a code for the DLC you cannot download it.

Just come over to FM4, you won’t miss much (if anything) by skipping FM2 and FM3 this late into the game. The community has been keeping FM4 alive, so it’s almost like it’s still 2011.

You can, but you’ll have a nice lawsuit on your hands. You can’t (legally) do anything without having the licensing for it. Hence why car game DLCs are sometimes a little spendy.

I do own fm4 I just need ideas from these games. It would be fun to create racing divisions based off of other racing games. Not copying, but just inspiration. Every game is different and it is still improving with every addition. That’s what makes forza unique.

The DLC for FM2 and FM3 was also released on disc, which can still be bought. Search for:

FM2 The Complete Collection (Platinum Hits)

FM3 Ultimate Collection

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That won’t get you all the DLC and those are not available in all regions either unfortunately.

EDIT: The FM2 discs include everything, but the FM3 set is missing one pack (Community Choice Classics). Still not a bad deal, considering there are no other options for download.

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