Can you see what I'm seeing

Now that you’ve checked out the top image have a look at the one below…

Anyone else?

Haven’t payed any attention to my actual numbers but I will now and check back in to let you know in a day or so.

Yup, rewards are low, and they don’t seem to correlate or scale with the amount of races your driver appears in.

Hell, I don’t think the credits ever go into the pot… never can tell. Not like when in Fm4 you would here a sounds and see money/credits increase. Just BS and the Drivatars are BS as well. none of them drive like my xbox friends

It was wonky in 5 as well.

Looks like your Driveatar loses alot of races hahaha

And extremely popular to run 2k races in a day…

Seriously. 2600 races? I thought mine doing 30 was a lot!

If OP has a lot of friends who play this game a lot, and OP hasn’t been on in a while, it’s possible, otherwise…geez.

Mine seems to be averaging about 2 or 3 races a day and about $2k-$3k in rewards.

Noticed similar. I pretty much ignore those messages because I know it’s messed up.