Can You Hear Me Now?? ((Best Headset Forza 6))

Haven’t been able to find any solid info on a good headset for Forza 6…

Looking for recommendations on a good headset to use with Forza 6 on Xbox One. (I also play Battlefield 4)

I don’t know anything about headsets, if you have any segjestions on what to look for in a headset that would be awesome!


Perfect timing!

Was just browsing myself again though still not sure if I want one due to having a rather good quality soundbar. Though Turtlebeach are actually doing a rather good deal at the moment on the Turtlebeach 500X £60 off. So £130 (Not sure where you are though I’d expect the same deal)

I’m in Colorado. I’ll have to take a look at that deal! Thanks for the info!

My TV has pretty good sound but late at night I keep the volume down & I’d rather wear a headset & blast the volume!

Thanks Mods for putting this in the right section sorry!

I have the Turtle Beach 800X and while I’m not an audiophile by any means, I think they’re great! Good 7.1 sound and wireless chat too.


Thanks for your input!

The first brand that entered my mind when thinking gaming headset was Turtle Beach. (Granted I don’t know much if anything about headsets)

I was looking on their site & noticed they have a pretty decent discount on some of the refurbished headsets…
How ever, I’ve allways been told to steer clear of refurbished items…