Can you damage a FFB wheel’s motor with this game?

Hey all, I recently got a Thrustmaster TMX FFB wheel and have been playing FH4 with it a lot and messing around with the wheel settings to dial in the wheel and get it how I want it.

But something popped into my head that I can’t seem to find anywhere on the internet from doing a google search.

Is it possible to overload my wheel from messing with any of the in-game wheel settings? I don’t want to damage my wheels electric motor and cause it to lose its power.


No guarantee, but it shouldn’t.

If it does happen, complain to the device manufacturer.

Wheels are controllers and eventually they might break, but none are designed to fail due to changing game settings higher or lower. Wheels are generally pretty tough, but all wheels come with warranties for a reason.

I’ve never had a wheel fail, personally.