Can you ban the 787b from P class online please?

Or give its own hopper. Or something. P class online is just pointless, depressing, and really not fun if you don’t use a 787b. The car is utterly dominant. The vast majority of people use it and the fact that so little people seem to now play P class, maybe because of this?, means now most races are full of 787b’s. And it always dominates. If you don’t want to use a 787b then P class online is just pointless, defunct. It’s saddening.

Each class will have its stronger or more dominant cars, you could make the same argument for the Lotus E23 in X-Class for example.

Very few cars can reach P/998 to begin with, which means there is a limited selection. If the 787B gets banned then people will find the second best car and use that instead.

Some additional reading.

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I’m going to disagree for one reason. I’ve noticed that with the 787b the upgrades are underrated meaning that you can put more upgrades on it that other cars can’t making it unfair. The BMW V12 LMR is rated the same stock as the 787b however I can upgrade the BMW to be a 997 but I can only upgrade the 787b to be a 992 (I think). You’d think the BMW would be faster then but the 787b is better in every stat. This is simply because the 787b’s upgrades don’t give it as much PI as the other cars meaning you can put more upgrades on. I don’t want them to ban the 787b but and update to change the PI of the upgrades for that car would be great. Then it would be fair and the people who still wanted to race in the 787b would still be able to, rather than getting the car banned. As for the Lotus E23, you can’t upgrade that car like you can with the 787b and on some tracks, indy cars are faster.

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Or like the bac mono in A class leagues…still fun to try and catch them and possible on the tracks like Daytona and Indy. It is what it is.

X class is x class though. Unlimited. The 787b is so dominant in p class that even if another car does take over, it still won’t be as unbeatable and dominant as the 787b…

How about the Peugeot 905? I was killing people with it when they had the P1 ghost league.

That’s a fair analysis, maybe a PI tweak is in order but not a ban.

Yep that’s what I want. I don’t want the car to be banned because some people love driving that car and that would be unfair on them.

Perhaps the PI needs to be increased to 998 with the upgrades that put it at 992 as of now.
Does any of this have to do with the awesome motor the 787b has? Even in real life it looked like the underdog and then proved to be dominating. In fact, if memory serves, after dominating once its motor was subsequently banned by the FIA. I hope that does not happen in Forza.

OP, perhaps you should practice driving either the 787b or other P Class cars and improving your driving skills. Then you can think of P Class as being a Mazda 787b Spec Class.

If we’re on about the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans, Mazda “only” won because those ahead of it ran into reliability issues, it was not entirely due to pace. That being said, the older Group C cars were also regulated to be much heavier than the 787 (1000kg compared to the 787’s 830) which meant that Mercedes were the team’s only true rival.

The Mazda could reliably run in 4th place (3-4 seconds a lap down on the Mercs). 2 of the lead cars lost over 40 minutes each due to damage and by the time the 3rd had its race-ending it was 4 laps ahead. The Mazda was always second-best to the Sauber in that race, but its superior reliability was what won it the race.

Speaking of the Sauber, that’s one for the wishlist thread :slight_smile:

I have always found it strange how the 787b came to be so highly rated in the game. I mean it’s not like it would actually touch the performance of the more recent prototypes. It’s very fast but it’s a near 25 year old racing car. Even the 1992 cars were quite a bit faster.

The prototypes of the last few years are considerably faster pretty much anywhere despite being heavier. More sophisticated aero for the main thing.

Or maybe the Sauber Mercedes C9 is in order!!!




I don’t know if the 787 is overpowered. I’m just an average Driver. There is only one reason i use this car (if i rarely race P) - it is so easy to handle! with no assist (compared to other LMP i tested) and has a good Cockpit view (what does for instance make a 809 100% no go for me)

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irl the 2014 Audi quattro would be seconds faster than the Mazda 787b. It looks like the Audi in the game does only run on fuel without the hybride system.

Well we just want more Group C.

A variant of the Sauber Mercedes, one of the Jags, one of the Toyotas and Nissans etc

Golden era and the Mazda would certainly face stiff competition then.

Im totally okay with being behind a 787B because that means I can listen to the beautiful sound it makes

I have no idea what you’re getting on about. I’ve beat countless 787Bs using the Peugeot 905 so I feel like P class is balanced enough, those two cars can trade punches all day long.