Can you access/track how many times your SHARED TUNES have been DOWNLOADED, LIKED and USED?

I can readily track which of my SHARED DESIGNS and SHARED LAYER GROUPS have been downloaded, like and used. I have not been able to find a way to see the same kind of stats for my SHARED TUNES. Am I missing something. Please share.

justs load one of your tunes. it will show these stats.

yea but that is VERY Tedious - one by one. Meaning get in the car, take it to the upgrade shop, scroll through “My Tunes” check the stats then go back to the garage and select the next car and repeat the process. For Paints and Layer groups you can scroll through the entire set. I was hoping there was a similar capability for tunes.

This is the problem with managing eveything in the garage.

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