Can we please get an update or acknowledgement on settings not saving for multiple USB devices on PC

There has been a thread going on since release day about this show stopping issue, and no acknowledgement from the devs that his is being worked on.

When using a custom control profile with separate USB controllers for the wheel and pedals (and/or shifter), the controls menu lets you assign all controls, but fails to save all controls coming from controllers other than the wheel, making the came unplayable if you have separate pedals.

This worked perfectly in the demo, but is inexplicably borked in the final game. The devs knew how to do it properly in the demo, and it can’t be rocket science to fix it, yet we have seen no acknowledgement that this is even a known issue. Can we please get a sign? Please?

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Agreed many many times over.

To the Dev team,
Believe it or not communicated is the answer as always.
Please look at the issues raised as if you are customers yourselves, it really doesn’t matter that you’re unable to fix the issues that the players are experiencing straight away, what is important is knowing that we are being heard not ignored.
Regardless of the product that I purchase I expect it to work as advertised and not be plagued by problems that are never addressed.
As it stands I have paid nearly £80 in advance for a product that as of right now is not fit for the purpose as advertised, I’m now left with a digital paperweight that physically doesn’t even exist.

Yours Disgruntled & Frustrated

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Can we please get a fix for this I’m plagued with the same issue