Can there be a long strech of road?

Basically the title says it all. I’m not sure if I’m speaking for myself or that there might be other players who feel the same?

There are many powerful cars with a huge top speed in Forza Horizon 4, it would be nice to have a strech of road where there is a place to max the top speed of those cars. There is the highway, although, having traffic with curves makes it very tricky to achieve the top speed of a car.

Hence my question, could a simple straight road be added with an update?

In Forza Horizon 3, there was an airport, maybe adding a British themed airport could be an idea or adding it bottom right in the mountains?


I agree, I got some cars or one car that is too fast for even the hiway. I cannot test top gear and speed cars are not worth doing.

They have never added a road to the existing map in any Horizon ever


Hopefully they toss in a huge airstrip in the next DLC to get that Jaguar up to its silly top speed.


Imagine the bridges at the top but idk how long those are

If you can’t reach the highest speed on the longest stretch of road in the game then you don’t need to.


But some people want to have fun, y’see.

Yes, well, they probably won’t add flying motorcycles to the game, either. So as with most games, I guess we’ll have to learn to have fun within its limits. Adding road to the existing map could needlessly muck up routes. Expanding the base map is unlikely. There’s always the possibility the second expansion will have a better drag strip in it, I suppose. And flying motorcycles.

If you can’t reach top speed in any car on the motorway (we are in Britain :p), something is wrong.
Every road car I tune I use the highway to get top gear correct and all of them I have achieved top speed, IIRC fastest was in the region of 274 mph. I am not sure if there is much faster, but if there is I don’t yet have it.
But as mentioned above, if you can’t reach v max on the motorway, it doesn’t need it. just gear it to reach peak speed that it can achieve there.

Yeah something is wrong, that motorway have way many curves. I have reach 288mph wiht d-type and that can go still mutch faster in fh3 i hit 305mph with that and that car is pretty mutch only usefull to get really high top speeds.

I got 280 with eb110

Thanks for the reply’s!

To answer Ti Hsien & Majikthese. I have done many runs on the highway and the fastest I’ve reached is 278mph, but that’s not the point. Some cars can achieve more, like the jaguar D type.
Maybe reaching the top speed isn’t important for You, but it is for me and probably other players, like: uber understeer, Perfect Dark 51, … (If i’m not mistaken).

Now, there is another good game for racing & where top speed is irrelevant - Forza Motorsport 7.

I’m just asking for a nice simple stretch of road. They added a whole new island - Fortune Island for the drifters amongst us , why can’t we Top speed lovers, have our long strech ?

Forza Horizon 3 has the airstrip, Test drive unlimited 1 & 2 have huge streches, Grand theft auto San Andreas & Gta 4 also have long streches.

There’s a mile long straight south of the express railyard. If you start from the west you get a little downhill boost. The straight through Edinburgh is nearly a mile long. If you’re not up to tuning your car to handle the highway’s gentle bends.

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Reminds me of the hours I spent in Gran Turismo 2 trying to get 240 mph on the oval with a Mitsubishi GTO twin turbo.

Agree with others. No such road really exists. A road like that would need to be something running half the length of the map. There are only a couple spots where a car might have difficulty but usually just need a slight let off of throttle and back on.

Essentially a straight run for top speeds would be a large and unsightly blob on the map. It would be dev time doing map work on something of no value outside of top speed runs for a minor few cars. Those top speed runs also having no value since the fastest would also be useless outside of that strip.

Having just the M68 means there is competition as others run against, but mindful that a good speed run is more than just hold throttle. The top runs that arent cheats also had driver awareness.

Everyone saying no so far just sounds like " I don’t want it so no one should get it". This would not affect you since you wouldn’t use it and people that want it could have it so why argue against it? We should be fighting to add more to the game not stopping ideas/content from being added. Again if your only argument is"i’m not going to use it so I don’t want it" just move on.

This could easily be added to the top of the map out of the way and i’m sure more people would use it than you think.


We like to test top speed of cars. Humbly, the highway in fh2 was slightly better than the highway south of edinburgh in fh4, a good highway-section should be an essential… maybe expansion 2 :wink:

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