Can’t filter snow tires on winter blueprints

So went to race a winter blueprint, but it seems now that the overworld season changed to spring the option to filter by Snow Tires Fitted is gone.

It would be great if that option would be present for when you select a winter blueprint to race and not only just when the overworld season is winter, because it’s still important that I know which cars have them equipped and what not.

Either that or have always present options for “Rally Tires Fitted” and “Off-road Tires Fitted” since enabling both of those would be effectively the same and could also be a helpful option in other seasons too.

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This in fact is a real issue. For winter season I built some cars with winter tires and soft suspension. With the snowflake sign I was easily able to see wether a car is made for street races or offroad use. Now in spring I have duplicates of a lot of cars but can not see which car is the offroad one.

I would prefer the second option you mentioned where there would always be a special symbol for offroad and winter tires.

So, how can we distinguish winter cars from the summer? Why can’t we unlock an automatic wheel exchange for our cars when seasons change. That would be comfortable!

I have several duplicates of cars, I just put different liveries/paint jobs on them so I know which is which…

Snow tires are overrated, as long as you have race tires you’ll be fine. Snow tires seem to slow my car down, you’ll slide with either version