Can’t download from windows store

Hey so I’ve googled all day and tried heaps of options but bought it today and doesn’t even start to download just instant error , sometimes different codes
Pretty frustrating how simple steam/ origin and Uplay are
Nothing but problems with th store
Internet and pc is fine

On the console, there is a message “Sorry, we can’t show featured games and apps right now” for the Microsoft Store. Even on the Home screen (Xbox One X) where the normal display of Store items is, it says (and has for a few days), “There’s a problem getting this content right now.”

You may want to post on the forums at This is NOT a game issue.

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Have you tried doing, what the message tells you to do - installing the items individually from download and updates in store app (or from the store)? Is Windows up to date?
You can try resetting the Windows Store cache:

In general, the Windows Store is an abomination. Crucial part of Windows 10, which was released in 2015, but even today it is still a buggy mess.

Pro tip: you can take screenshots with print scrn button on your keyboard and then use the paste function in Paint (or some other program) or use the Snipping Tool.

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