Can’t Access the fast and furious car pack and vip rewards on the ultimate edition.

So I pre-ordered the ultimate edition forza and when I loaded everything up on the Xbox and started playing I do not see any vip reward crates and it won’t let me put the fast and furious pack in my garage. Do you know the reason this may be? Is it not accessible 3 days early? do I have to wait till the October 2nd for everything to work as far as vip rewards and the fast and furious cars? I’m confused. I had in my mind everything wouldnwork early hence the ultimate edition or am I wrong?

Yeah, was broken for me at launch, started working suddenly last night, then broke again, so I have a bunch of cars in my garage that I’m not able to use.

Many reports of it working for other UE owners though.

Try rebooting and looking again, then read the Troubleshooting thread at the top of the forum.

you need to play a little bit into to get the rewards not just the opening DEMO races

I just started a new account and have the same issue
You NEED to play through the first championship in the seeker races and get to level 1 before the vip crates get given to you and you can get the day one and hoonigan cars

I’m on tier 3 and still no vip boxes or dlc fast and furious cars I’ll try to reboot but I don’t think it will work. I try to put the dlc cars in my garage and the error still pops up this is crazy