Can something please be done about wall riding..?

Really annoying where Im playing a clean race taking the correct lines just to be beat by a guy or girl wall riding on bernese alps or many other maps with a F12 or GTR
really cheap way to win…
and i rather not hit them to prevent them
and I rather not do it myself because I find it to be cheating…
can Turn 10 maybe increase the friction or somthing of hitting a guard rail…? just do something to stop this

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So…, you want a sticky wall…

Is this with damage on or off? I would sort of expect eating walls to cause mechanical damage. I’m also having trouble picturing what walls I’d actually benefit from riding, since outside walls mean a much longer route through turns.

It happens mostly on the alps and in mp lobbies so no damage. Not that the SIM damage would likely even cause any damage as it appears that riders only loose some paint and a mirror. Its not a hard impact they just let the wall guide their car while they run to the fridge for a drink. I don’t think it needs to go as far as “sticky walls” but realistic fiction would be nice.

The only dilemma would be if it is actually quicker IRL to wall ride those corners and the abusers should be treated as ‘corner cutters’ for going off track. If it is possible to do it without getting a dirty lap I wouldn’t know what to think, other than its morally ethically and wrong in every way except it’s legal.

I like to keep an open mind and think outside the box. I apologize if I’m taking this thread in a different direction but I think it would be funny as (fill in the blank) to see someone doing a real life test to see if wall riding is actually quicker.

you have obviously:

a - never raced MP on Alps

b - been very very very lucky not to come across wall riders.

it may be a longer route, but you keep more speed. It takes 0.7 - 1 seconds off a lap time.

whilst I really really appreciate the recent addition of content, im sure many would rather the current content be fixed. I don’t recall wall riding being an issue in FM4, though i may be wrong.

and if riding the walls were to cause damage, surely that would be a good thing? After all, its a wall and cars aren’t meant to ride them.

in truth i don’t know the best way to fix the issue, but in sure T10 has seen the many many threads covering this issue.


The problem is, the current content isnt broken. T10 cant help the fact that people “choose” to wall ride, or cut a corner here an there. No matter what they do, not everyone will be happy about it. If they add more sticky area’s on a track to stop the wall riders and the corner cutters, they will upset the people who touch those area’s on pure accident. The only thing they could do is add penalty system, a system that when you get so many marks for repeated contact and corner cutting, you get ejected from the race. Even then that wont solve everything, because there would then be people purposely brake checking to cause people to run into the back of them; which would eject the person behind from the race. So really what are T10 supposed to do? Everything they can implement to stop the wall riders and corner cutters could be exploited to some degree!

And yes, wall riding did happen in FM4. If you click my Sig, it will take you to my Youtube page. There is a video there showing someone wall riding on Fujimi Kaido, I have also seen it on Alp in FM4 also, but have no video footage of that.

I agree with you on this! corner cutting is also a big problem on some tracks. I wish they would increase the sticky grass boundries on the leaderboards to stop people cheating to top the board (spa)

either and both ice. you dont race online do you? yes its slightly longer but you can take it at full throttle in your top gear vs taking the same turn in 2nd or 3rd gear at less than half the speed. and even tho they are twice as fast thru the turn comming out of the turn is where it really pays off. you are accelerating from 40 mph and they are accelerating from 130 mph or more. it puts your car litterally on rails so you are as fast thru the corners as you are the straights. and the rail even does the steering for you. the alps tracks are 80% turns and 20% straights. walls line the slowest turns between the straights so you can effectivly make it 80% straights and 20% turns. andd its turning the tightest u turns into straights so you only have to drive the sweepers, the high speed turns. ever raced teh indi oval and notice you are slower in the turns even if you dont let off the gas with a good tune? not letting off the gas means you have great aero which slows you so you buld speed back up so you are redlining just as you have to cut into turn 1 or 3 which slows you back down. wall riding you can reduce the areo to zero, you can be redline speed all the way around the track, then adjust the tranny tward speed speed side till tis not redline anymore. you can go thru the corners faster than you used to hit top speed at the end of the longest straights. and on the straights you are about 50 mph faster because you dont have aero drag.

you never get a clean lap so it dosn’t affect the leader boards but multiplayer is different than hotlapping. if you cant see how going thru the corners 5% farther but 100-150% faster could benifit you in the race standings…you go to the bank and get a stack of $100 bills and i’ll get a stack of $5 bills and we’ll trade them all bill for bill. then we’ll go car shopping and you will quickly see how i benfitied. trust me. i can get 1000 $5 for $5,000. you have to get a used kia. you can get 1000 $100s for $100,000. i can get a new vette. if you still dont see how i took advantage of you we’ll take them to a local a local track. i dont care if your name is stig in real life, you are gonna get lapped.

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tyrant i’ll do the real life test…if i can do it in your car. we both know what the result will be or wall riding would be done in real life where they wreck million dollar cars all the time but still dont wall ride. in real life its slower, in real life rubbing the wall costs you positions, tapping the wall cost you laps, an riding the wall gets you dnf. riding the wall you dont even finish the lap in real life much less finish the race. watch nascar where they have walls around the track, where the cars and the walls are designed to save lives. they try to miss the walls. it pushes fenders into tires resulting in a blow out even just rubbing/grazing the wall. and it screws up the aero meaning even if you get the tire changed and the fender pulled out in time to prevent the blowout you are still going to lose tenths and positions per lap, you are never going to win the race, even at the bumper car tracks like martinsville and bristol where it would be most of an advantage. hitting a wall in real life is like…suprise…hitting the wall. it means the only way you are gonna finish even the lap is if you can talk the tow truck driver into letting you drive his after you just totaled yours. i’ve watched tens of thousands of races, i’m an old fart. the next time i see that will be the first time i see that. i’ve also never sen a driver carry a gun and i think a tow truck jacking is the only way that ever happens. if i’m the tow driver i’m telling them to take the ambulance or their nikes, i’m taking the wheel just like every tow driver in history.

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Haha deal but I’ll have the last laugh cause your medical bills will be more than my cars worth. Hopefully there’s enough decent parts left I can sell to at least cover your ambulance trip. Just trying to insert some humour into the overly serious forums.

But who wouldn’t love to see the guys from top gear do a contest where they get a budget car and are required to wall ride.

Please feel free to resume sending out hate to the ever deserving wall riders.

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no medical bills i dont already pay, i have full coverage including ambulance if needed. but i’m not even gonna have a scratch on me. remembeer it is a test hotlapping clean vs wall riding. have to do the hotlapping 1st and discover the cars abilities. it also has to be a left turn in an american car. yeah the cars gonna be totaled but i am gonna use throttle control. i am gonna grind the car around the corner not spin it. the nose wont take the energy. my biggest danger will be fire from grinding a hole in the fuel tank and even then i should be able to floor it fwd or full clutch it rwd and coast away from the fuel trail. the massive damage will be on the right rear. if you drive a vw or porche i’m gonna go full clutch as i hit to not engine brake. if its 4wd…i’m gonna offer you $100 for it so we both win…and as soon as i finish it you can be the 2nd to drive my new sandrail. you have 100 more and a friend with a toy he’ll share. hope you like dirt buggies. racing is racing…buggies are playing.

Rdo3 I got good news and bad news. I drive a manual Hyundai and it’s fwd, fuel port is on the left so it shouldn’t catch fire if it’s on a left turn. If your stuck on driving an American car we’ll have to find someone else.
To get this back on topic (or as close as i can get it back, considering) I’m game for testing this theory if T10 gets on board to use our data in an update that accurately, or even remotely gives wall riding a disadvantage.

Petition anyone?

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A petition for this pointless back n forth to end!
Wall riding needs to be fixed. Case closed!

I don’t think anything dynamic as slowing cars down is needed, something simple as a 5 second time penalty awarded for any illegal overtaking would sort out the cheats.

It irks me so bad that I have “WALLRIDING IS CHEATING” plastered on the back of a bunch of my cars. It’s usually the last thing they see as I fly up into the wall and they smash into my rear bumper. I will lose a race to stop a wall rider.


Simply strategically placing a few of the baguettes/curbs found on Le Mans would solve the wall riding. Bernese Alps is fictional, so they can put whatever obstacle they like to stop the cheating.

personally i believe having searchable user created lobbies ala FM4 would end the problem as far as more regular users are concerned - but that’s another discussion altogether

The incident on Fujimi I pointed you to on my YT page, was done in a private lobby; with full damage turned on as well. Searchable user created lobbies (ala FM4) are not the cure to this sort of thing, its just another place for it to happen, along with a differing set of variables. Yes Alps is a fantasy track, but by adding a ton of obstacles that are not currently there, it runs the risk of causing another set of issues. Say you get forced into those new obstacles, would you then be back on here complaining that your race is ruined as soon as you touch them? would you again be on here complaining that T10 need to “fix” the games current content before adding new things? Or would you give up on forza as a lost cause, and just move to a different racing game?

If i got “forced” into them obstacles lalyrn, id be wondering what i was doing so far off the racing line. Your lap is dirty long before getting into the wall, so in essence, it the same as hitting a barrier on a GP track. Your so far off the racing line, on the outside of a corner, that you would be very unlikely to effect anyone’s race but your own.

I will probably be on here complaining bout current content not being fixed, until things such as distance indicator, for which there is an option, are available. The Forums are the only place people feel their concerns are heard - an automated reply to an email simply makes most people feel mo one is listening.

and as for giving up on Forza as a lost cause - well that’s just a daft idea really. If that’s how I felt, i wouldn’t bother posting on here, or bother being part of an amazing club, whose website has over 500 members, and is very active. Forza is pretty much the only game I play, and it is so close to being an epic game - bar a few updates/fixes - that it frustrates me.

so i choose the FM5 forums to voice my frustrations and possible solutions to FM5.


There are multiple ways of been “forced” off the track, one instance is someone dive bombing you, even though you are on the racing line. This in itself has the potential to “force” you to the outside of a corner, and possibly into a track side obstacle of some sort (tire wall, sticky grass, ect). Even someone doing a simple pit maneuver on you, has the potential to put you way off the racing line and into a track side obstacle. Ive been in races where I have been “forced” into the pit lane, and the ensuing slowdown has resulted in a race lost. I have also been pushed off the racing line in various ways, which have resulted in something as easy to recover from as a spin, or something harder to recover from, such as been sent flying into sticky grass. I dont often mention those things, because I just ignore them and move on. I have far more important things to worry about than what happens inside a video game. I certainly wouldn’t say that Forza 5 is broken because a few choose to exploit the game by wall riding and corner cutting, T10 can not do much to stop people been like that, and those people will find new ways to exploit whatever T10 change in favor of cleaner racing.

Im not saying you shouldn’t come on here to complain about things either, just trying to give you another view to see things from.

Sim damage would not make a difference. I race career with sim damage on, and when I heard about the wall riding I tried it out there to see the net effect. No damage occurred that I could tell beyond some scratched paint.

I see your point larlyn, but if your getting dive bombed and pit maneuvered, trackside obstacles are irrelevant surely. This is an instance where user created lobbies are ideal. Lobbies are generally kept clean by the host.

in reality don’t see an ideal solution. Just another opinion