CAn someone with a Thrustmaster Tx leather edition give me some insights with FH3

So I’m looking into getting the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition, its in stock for about $564 CAD sucks that Canadian pricing is $100 more but that’s ok. Do you think its worth getting a wheel for horizon 3 or just play with the controller. I have never used a wheel before and I want a decent wheel just seems like it would be a lot more fun then just using a controller. So if anyone that has used the wheel with the demo please reply. The other post says its terrible, but being new to wheels I don’t know what bad would be. Thanks in advance, Happy driving :slight_smile:

I will simply say i would never reccomend someone buy a wheel for one game. If you have multiple racing games on xbox one and pc, id say sure if you have the money to invest in something like a wheel.

I will also say forza in general doesn’t have the best wheel implementation. This horizon 3 demo imo is not good at all. You being new to ffb im still pretty sure youd feel whats wrong. Like the other thread says, theres almost no ffb on tarmac (street) but the offroad part feels fine. Im hoping its a bug but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. You should probably hold off until people try it out on the full release. Im sure theyll be a nice long thread started about it. : P

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In view of the problems TX users are reporting you might consider getting the G920. No FFB problems with the demo on my G920 at 540 DOR.

Alternatively, it could just be a limitation of the demo. I don’t know if you were reading the FM6 forum when the FM6 demo dropped but there was a lot of anger among wheel users about the lack of FFB which proved to be unfounded when the full game was released. FM6 FFB turned out to be fine.

They’re not cheap either - it’s not just the wheel but the chair is the pricey bit, at least it was in my case. You can’t use it in your lap.

Its not a tx issue. People using the tx, g920 and mad catz wheel all feel the same thing.

Don’t forget the fanatic csw2 as well

So basically all the wheels

Yes this game may feel great to you on a wheel for first time but once you play dirt rally and assetto corsa, you will understand why so many people, including me, are not impressed at all with the ffb implementation

depends on how you want the wheel to be for you. If looking for real life feel then no this game is not for you, but if you play it as an arcade sim, which it is, and just throw the car around at unrealistic speeds then go for it.

There are a lot better games on xbone for very good wheel experiences…


I picked up the TMX wheel a few months ago for $200 can on Got the TM 3 pedal set for $100 (must get because of the clutch factor), and the TM shifter for $200. Quite the investment, but it was the best bang for the buck I could find. The Obutto R3volution cockpit ($1100 cdn) was a must get after I quickly realized that mounting the wheel to my desk was crap. I’m probably going to invest in the Fanatec ecosystem Ina year or two once VR becomes more practical, but for now, I highly recommend the TMX. Not much talk about it around the net and on these forums, but it is a great wheel (when combo’d with the shifter and triple pedals).

Also experiencing crappy ffb on the Tarmac in the FH3 demo

For your information, regarding FFB issues. Check this link:

It contains a post from: Mechberg, Turn 10 Community Team.
Critical information is given there. Basically, developers know the existing problems and problems will be fixed at the final version of the game. Demo has NOT the same control codes for wheels.

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