Can someone make this spec 918?

Ill try.

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Thank you. Let me know if you do it

Its done read my preview messages for desc

Okay you found someone. But tell me where is the Problem doing this? 2 Colours blue and some stripes a Number and Circle. You should realy try do this alone. You will be better and better trust me.

cause its actually harder than it looks and im a legend painter so it really means something.

I don’t play much of fh3 and haven’t painted anything since fm2. Its a local car that i’ve seen in person and i know that there are plenty of painters who can do this in no time. Whereas for me, it’d take me hours to do it without it looking like [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

I like the Salzburg Racing Design. I might start the black and white #05 soon and I may do a white with black and green version. Right now I am working on a Monster Energy 918 that looks insane.

Andy Blackmore has a few recreated. There are tons of pics of all colors and numbers when you web search 918 Spyder Salzburg Livery.

Just dont do the blue #3 plz, oh and could u while your doing the #5 one since its the same design can u maybe share the vinyl so i can copy it i will give $$ ingame if u want and we can work together ill make top you can make sides.

I just started painting and my time is limited during the week. I haven’t decided if I am going to build the graphics in the vinyl creator or directly on the car. Now I see you already have one done. That was fast. Congrats NFS on 50k downloads. If I make the 918 Salzburg I will message you and Paganii. I am still trying to tune the 918 on Goliath in between making vinyls. I need more hours in a day, LOL.

Done Desc is Weissach #3 Blue!