Can someone help me please i've been banned

Can anyone tell me why i was banned on forza 5 for downloading the new dlc cars. All the cars i downloaded gave me a massage on screen
saying that my gamertag is banned and to come on here for more info. but there is no info. The only car that didn’t give me a massage saying that i was banned was the Vauxhall astra 1.6
Now when i go to have a look at all the vinyls/paints/tunes that people have made it gives me a message saying that my gamertag is banned.

What did i do wrong?

any info would be nice thanks

There’s no ban for downloading DLC. Please review the Xbox Code of Conduct, particularly section C. for prohibited communications and user created content.

The forum Code of Conduct prohibits discussion of bans or enforcement here, and tells us to direct you to email with your question. Include in your email all gamertags on the console.