Can Someone forward this to forza support please!

first of all, for some unknown reasons im not able to submit a ticket so here’s what i found, there’s 3 accolades that needs to be done in horizon arcade in a time limit, the : finish round 3 of 2 horizon arcade within 30 minutes, 5 horizon arcade in 24h and the hardest one 5 horizon arcade in 5 or 3 hours (dont remember) ive tried them and the counter was always resetting between 2 arcades, and i found why, EVERYTIME you teleport (in free roam) OR change your vehicle, your timer between arcade resets to 0. so that means you can never teleport OR change your cars until you finish 5 Arcades in 5 hours, thats nonsense. so im pretty sure that is a bug and that it can be fix :slight_smile: so thank you if someone can forward this and sorry if it was a already knows issue :slight_smile:

Ther is no big button that says “submit i ticket” no ide why.

But on the bottom of this article there is a link to it.

You know there are people who can’t play the game without it crashing right?

So? That doesn’t mean other bugs don’t also need taking care of.

Eventually yes. In the meantime we’re in a triage situation. There are many, many issues this game is facing that are far more important than this, and limited bugfixing pipeline resources.

I mean if were all being reasonable here. The entire game needs to go back in the oven for another year at least.