Can somebody explain the speed stat to me?

I find the speed stat misleading.

For example, the Mosler MT900s with maxed lambo v12 1515hp and better power to weight ratio has speed stat 8.9.
Same car with the racing v12 1122hp a bit lighter but worse power to weight ratio has a speed stat of 10.

My tests in speed traps, the speed stat 8.9 is better than the speed stat 10. Am I missing something here?

In short: don’t even look at it because it practically says nothing.
In fact all stats can be misleading and are of not much help but the speed stat is probably the most useless.


OK. Thanks for the response!

The speed stat drops when you swap the drivetrain, even though it doesn’t actually slow the car down. (Negligibly)

Default gearing on awd swaps is set to a lower top speed, and even a customizable transmission doesn’t change it back.
Different engines and the RPM they can achieve raise the game’s perceived theoretical top speed, because gearing that reaches 200mph at 8k rpm, will reach 300mph at 12k rpm.

I ignore all stats on all cars all the time.
Much better to learn what makes a car fast than what makes a rating high.

The stats need to be revamped to actually be accurate.

I was comparing 2 cars ( I think an old firebird vs the newerish one) and the old one had every single stat worse (speed, Accel, handling, braking) but had a better number. Makes no sense.

Revamp it for the new Forza.

How can car A accelerate faster, have a higher top speed, better handling, better braking, better launch, but car B is better overall. This is stock figures. Makes no sense.

Just ignore it. Even acceleration/launch is a lie sometimes. I know because my buddy tuned an 05 GT that accelerates harder than anything in S1, but has a total garbage stat. Just need to drive the car and compare lap times. I really only look at the weight/horsepower/handling.

acceleration/launch lie so many times, espicialy when awd swapping and then install race transimisson those stats go almost allways down a lot even tho that is not reality.

I think handling and braking are the only stats even in the ballpark but I don’t trust those either. The simulated telemetry data that can be shown on the left while you are tuning or building is more accurate. The top speed shown there depends on gearing, too.

It’s frustrating that it’s a lie, because you have to actually spend the money and install the gear to find out its true performance. It gets expensive when comparing engines. You’d think the stats would lead you in the right direction but they don’t.

What about the specifications like weight, horsepower, and grip? Can those specs be trusted as valid?

So which way do people think is best to compare tunes?

I don’t build or tune myself, don’t have enough knowledge or time and prefer to spend it racing. So I install tunes from others to try and make my cars competitive. However, when upgrading it is not obvious how to decide which is the best tune. For example upgrading to S1, there is countless tunes to get the car to 900 PI but how do you decide which is the best?

I’ve always had suspicions with the stats, particularly the speed stat from Horizon 3 when the Jag D type had one of the fastest top speeds in the game but only had a speed stat of 9.3 or something. Seems this is still an issue in Horizon 4 by peoples comments.

Could use the PI, which does show whether a tune is better or worse even if both 900, this seems to favour cars with good handling and braking and less power from what I have seen. However, I tend to go the other way looking at which have most power/torque and least weight. Speed/power tends to be king in my experience when racing. Though I’m always concerned this might give you something to wild to control, that slides all over the place, wheelspins out of corners and can’t get the power down through wheels effectively. It needs to also handle well ideally. Too much power can be as bad as not enough.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Why not refer to the stats in the tuning menu instead? I’m sure they are at least more accurate than the ratings.

True I think tuning menu is more accurate. Works well if doing your own tuning.

Problem with installing tunes is would have to install multiple tunes to see the tuning stats, which would get expensive if using very different parts. Plus often tunes are locked so you cant actually get to see the stats.