Can only sell for 2.000.000$?

Why can some people sell the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for 20.000.000 dollars, but I can only sell it for 2.9 mill. As the biggest buyout price?

Better painter status,as in legendary,same with tuner status.


Do we really have to have this same conversation every time a new unicorn is released?..smh


I guess the question will be asked until they change it, I asked the same question and although I know the answer I still ask why…
Perhaps if some of those 5 star painters actually put 5 star paint jobs on the car in order to sell them for more it may be obvious to everyone.


Put whatever you want on an rx7 fd, it still isn’t worth 20 mil.


I cant believe that people are so greedy that they put ridiculous prices on cars…then there’s the “legendary” painters that sell the cars with basic paint jobs for the ridiculous prices
And what’s even more ridiculous is that some stupid people buy them as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously how much credits do you need and what can you do with them when you have over 50 million an nothing else to spend them on
Just greedy


Talby!..whare the hell is talby?!


You just had to get him started didn’t ya…


Give me my money​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

I want more in game credits that i have nothing else to spend it on but i still want more

Should just cut and paste the response from the other 100 threads



No need to change it IMO

The old saying still stands… A FOOL AND THEIR MONEY ARE SOON PARTED


In this case, the ‘fool’ is anyone without the arbitrary Legendary Painter/Tuner status who sells their car so they can buy and relist it for ten times the price.

This was just a stupid idea.


It makes no sense why you need to have legendary paint status.

On the one hand it makes no sense why anyone should be able to sell for 20,000,000.

But legendary painters used to be able to sell limited edition paint jobs for those prices in previous games that had the auction house.

It is to allow them to be compensated for great paints.

Sure some abuse it though.

And please do not roll out the line that tuners deserve more. I am a tuner and feel no need to get credits from it.

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There’s no reason they can’t just give everyone the ability to sell for 20mil. This takes away absolutely nothing from painters.

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I still think people are misunderstanding the reason it is there.

Let me explain it this way - it was meant to be there so legendary PAINTS could be sold for large amounts of credits. It is an attempt to make it how it used to be in FM4 where some paints you could only get on auction for higher prices than from the painters storefront.

Because the feature is being abused people don’t understand it.

The solution is that the rare cars have a high minimum price for the auction house so they can not be bought for 2m and sold for 20m.

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But isn’t it counterproductive or a bit of an oxymoron that only tuners/designers who have had their designs downloaded for free more than others, get to sell cars painted with designs that were already acquired for free by many other users for 10x the amount as regular players. I don’t think this was a feature that was thought out thoroughly

It was thought out - Last time there was an auction house (FM4) Painters and Tuners would do exclusive paints (and tune) and they would fetch real high asking prices because they were completely fantastic/ custom/ and exclusive to that person that won them… that is what this was to give them room to do. What you have is a bunch of people jealous wondering why they cant do the same thing after seeing some who have the status abusing it.

All you have to do is NOT buy them and they will go away on their own. If no one buys a 20mil payout or some crazy high start point - their will be less and less put up and yes when Stuzib or Eliot creates a FANTASTIC paint that took him days to do I think they should be able as artist of the car to set very high starting prices if they choose.

The person putting up completely black RX7 - well he/she is just purely abusing a status that I am not sure how they got it… Heck some one was auctioning Fiesta XR2 for 500k when its a 25k car say 100K for parts to get to S class – BUT COME ON.

The answer is not to have everyone and their brother hogging up the auctions with similar stupid pricing. I think they should do away with the tuners ability to set ridiculous prices - there isn’t ranking anymore so why even worry about super LB tunes… and half of the persons you have problems with will go away… because you’ll probably see some fantastic paint and think yeah I’ll bid 5mill on that.

The Real Painters should be awarded for their contributions!!! That was the point. If some one is not being that then they should have their status revoked. That’s as far as I would go.

I personally don’t feel like sorting through a ton of worthless auctions. They should curb the actions, stop abuse, not make it so everyone can do it.


A higher minimum and a higher maximum. Then everyone would be able to compete with the Leg Painters in the rare car market, whilst they’re still able to sell their paints at high prices.

Its all well and good calling ‘abuse’, but nothing is stopping painters from chucking a generic paintjob on the cars they relist. Who draws the line on value? This is always going to be an issue as long as Leg Painters have exclusive use of high sell points.

I always thought it was the buyer-- assuming that there is legitimate choice (no monopoly or say government mandating you purchase some over priced product)

You can spend a ton of cost – say legitimate painters - invest inordinate amounts of energy and time. Only to get a messily 10k

Demand and supply dictate prices just fine.
There is about nothing I would spend 20mil on in this game. So having a bunch of overly eager persons filling up auctions with cars that won’t sell is not going to help anyone in my opinion.

Work on becoming a legendary painter if you want this option… just my opinion. This is much like the whole bunch of persons wanting to change XP and how you got it because they were “wining the races” in online XP championship and not wining the 30k worth of credits at the end of four races.

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