Can not install Ultimate Edition, demand refund

Hi, a tl:dr

I bought the ultimate editon in the microsoft store and it doesnt install. When its done installing ti claims that I have it installed, flashes and then it shows that i have to install it again.
I reset windows, did msreset, I uninstalled what I can uninstall (which doesnt include the carpacks, so I claim malware because I get software thats not removable).

So I spend 100€ on a product that I can not use, which is not my fault from what i see in the reviews and there is no option to even clean uninstall its leftovers or refund it.

I am demanding a refund because this is clearly a scam and not for the first time.

If you want a refund you need to contact the retailer you bought it from… the Microsoft store

Its not a scam at all
The game works perfectly as its supposed to on my PC

It didnt download the maingame and half the DLCs.

I only got it to work once Microsoft decided to unlock the game after I contacted them twice…