Can not download this months DLC because of credit card requirement

I cannot download the free dlc car for this month (lotus carlton). when i want to download or ‘purchase’ this car the xbox requires me to add my credit card information to my xbox live account. this has not been so with all the previous free dlc cars for horizon 2. i think there is something wrong with the way this car was added to the xbox store because this has not happened with any free dowload i tried so far. this is very annoying for me since i don’t have a credit card. there is no option to skip the credit card option either. it’s very strange you are required to have a credit card linked to your xbox account for this since the car is free.

i hope this can be corrected soon,
thanks in advance

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To my understanding, all Xbox Marketplace transactions require payment information on file no matter if the item is free or not. For example, Games With Gold redemptions still require members to go through the payment process despite the item being free of charge.

“You can have one or more payment options associated with your Xbox Live account. However, one payment option must always be linked to your Xbox Live membership and can’t be removed without replacing it with another one.”

To get in contact with someone to further discuss this matter, you would need to reach out to Xbox Support.

Yeah mate, this happened to me as well. I couldn’t find a way around it, so just added on a CC. Just buy like a load and go or something.