Can join convoy but any event throws us out of online!

So yesterday my friend couldn’t join my game at all and got some text heavy error message.

Turns out, he needed to update his Windows 10 in order to be able to join me.

Today, he bought the Ultimate Upgrade (and I already had the Ultimate Edition), and now, I can’t join him as I also got a text heavy error message once (but just once, not repeatedly like him). However, the game constantly tells me that he doesn’t have permissions to invite me to his convoy, and I must authorize it.

But when I go to the convoy settings and press the button to join his convoy, nothing happens… until the same message just pops up again.

Doesn’t feel very AAA to me, this! :frowning:

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Today, we went through a cycle of the following:

“Creating event”, “An even failed to start”, “Launching event”, “Convoy leader could nog give you permission”, “You have been disconnected, please try again later”.

This is really tedious. I didn’t expect this from the flagship title from Microsoft.

And I managed to capture this:

Today, we didn’t even need to invite each other. It was just straight up “join friend” in the in-game menu and off we went.

Up until we tried to launch an event.

Then we did the “joining” “allocating” “creating” “launching” dance again and got booted offline (how many synonyms do you really need!?).

Real AAA experience this!

Sounds like you both should be checking your privacy settings
Can each of you play online by yourselves without issue

Seems like a personal issue if most people are doing it without any issues

It’s not just them. Any event my friends and I start ends up with the convoy leader getting kicked immediately from the event, and often the event failing to start. Doesn’t matter who the convoy leader is tried 5 different people. Same result every time. It wasn’t a issue before the latest patch.

Closing this thread as you can see the workaround and continue the discussion here