Can I share an entire race?

I just had an interesting race…

Most of it is not special. 9 Laps, Top Gear Full track.

TWICE, during the crossover I hit a car [thought it was the same one, was not… :frowning: ] and sent it rolling!

I to the Xbox to record it, but I might want to share more of the race…

Is it possible to put it [the entire race] on YouTube or something like that?

At the end of the race click save replay to save the whole race

I have it saved, now how do I get it on YouTube?

I think you need a capture card, which would be the easiest way.
But you can take game DVR recording 3-4 times which should cover the race, and then edit it on your PC so it would make 1 video, and if I remember right youtube MIGHT have some form of editing tool, which would allow you to edit it all in one recording. and then upload it.

You can use the xbox dvr and upload studio or you can stream to twitch them export it to youtube.

Yup, stream to Twitch and download the resulting broadcast using a site like Download Twitch Videos - TwitchTools or then stitch together the files and upload to YouTube (or any other video hosting platform).

You dont need to use tools or need to stitch it together, you can broadcast the whole race then give it 10 minutes till it shows up in your previous broadcasts, once that happens load the stream and at the bottom theres an option to export the whole thing to youtube as one video or you can upload it in 15 minute segments

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Forgive my ignorance, but how do I broadcast the race?

Download the Xbox One Twitch application, create an account, and broadcast from your Xbox One using the Twitch app. From there, you can select an option on to save your past broadcasts and, from the website, you can upload clips to YouTube.

Still, uploading to OneDrive via the Xbox One Upload app gives you the best video quality and ease for retrieving your video as files for post-editing.

Can I simply save it to the OneDrive?

Unfortunately, no. All uploads to OneDrive have to go through the Upload app; but, simply skip to the final step to get to the upload portion.

Thanks for explaining; I was under the impression this is only valid for “paid” members of Twitch. That said, I have not used Twitch regularly or recently :slight_smile:

Na I used it last week and uploaded 2.5 hrs and I don’t pay/subscribe. I think the quality of your upload is dependant on your streaming quality though, so if you have a rubbish connection and can only broadcast in low res then your transfer to youtube will be low quality too

Absolutely. Using Twitch as a way to get your videos to the net will result in degraded quality. Uploading videos to OneDrive via the Upload app is the best way to ensure the highest quality video without the use of a third-party capture device.