Can I see the PI of someone else's race? Yes I searched

When a player hosts a pvp/coop race, does it say anywhere what class they chose? All I can ever see is the car type (which is always anything goes because everyone is basic)
I’m having a hard time joining people’s races, only to discover that it’s yet another kid who only wants to race S2 everything, and I really really hate those races because it’s boring just watching 5 people crash their stupid aventadors = over and over. I want to race in the lower classes, but I also don’t want to ignore every race that pops up out of bad faith for the playerbase. I want to believe not everyone in this game is 12, but I’m almost always wrong. I’m hoping in my blind arrogance I’m overlooking some obvious indication of what the class is, which a less rude person can point out

Failing this, can you make it so that I can leave the race from the car select menu before I’ve actually loaded it??? Because I tend to know in 0.001 seconds whether the race will be fun or not AFTER I’m locked into it

Also, I used both the forum search function AND google and all I got was results about older games, which is not helpful here. I’m sure it’s been discussed but unfortunately what I’m asking for is too broad for search engines

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Somebody can correct if i remember wrong but i think it shows if that some spesific class race if it dont show any pi then it’s everything between 100-999.

I’ve been wondering this too. If they make a blueprint, they can specify class restrictions. But if they just go in and quick launch, then they don’t. Many a time have I decided to pop into someone else’s race, rush to choose a car in the 15 seconds they give you, only to find out that I only had it tuned to A class and everyone else is S1.

I’d also very much appreciate this option. I’ve also often joined a street race or anything goes event, wondering if the host has chosen an interesting car, just to see another X999 Agera RS and then be unable to quit the event until it starts.

I wish Forza would just let us pick which PI we want for races. The class system is extremely rigid.

At the very least add more PI classes so the performance gap between each class isn’t so massive. The motorsport games have 2 more PI classes then Horizon and it greatly benefits from it IMO.