Can I Run Forza Horizon 3

I bought forza horizon 3 and every time i try to start the game and it keeps crashing my specs are:
GTX 950
8gb ram
111gb ssd
intel i5 660 proccesor

And i don’t know if i can actually run it or if its the actual game thats broken

If it crashes on startup even before you got to play the game, could be a windows store issue.
Read the FAQ in the Help forum and see if there’s a solution for your issue.



This may sound stupid but how do i uninstall forza horizon 3 to see if it works after i reinstall it?

Don’t uninstall JUST yet.
Try this 1st. goto Start, settings, apps. scroll to FH3 click on it, click advanced options, click on reset, do this until the DLC’s (if you have any) disappear. Next open the store goto FH3 look for the DLC’s Hotwheels/Blizzard Mountain click on them to open the store page if it says “Install” on either click it (It’ll take seconds to DL each). Once Win10 notifies you they’re installed launch the game and it SHOULD work…
The game will sync your files and you’ll have to wait for it to “Optimising for your PC” and then you’ll need to check your graphics settings as this process resets them to default.
I’m having to do this every day as the game will launch to the splash screen then crash. Takes at worst 25 minutes but that’s better than 10 hours to re-download the entire game AGAIN
Others have said DL any free store app as this seems to also fix it but it never worked in my experience…
Hope it helps…

It did not work it just got to the loading screen and crashed to desktop

Thxs i’ll check if it works for me

It looks like the same problem I had with FH3 and Gears 4. If so, it’s a Windows problem. To solve it, you have two ways :

  • Log into Windows with your XBox Live account
  • Download and install a free game from the Microsoft Store (for me it worked with Sonic Dash)

It did not work:(