Can I recover deleted messages? (Lost my VIP Superwheelspins!)


I logged into Horizon just know and had a few messages that I received. I opened the message stating that I received 2 super wheelspins, would you like to spin them now? I didn’t and deleted the message because I still had a few unread messages. I figured the wheelspins where now also available in my start menu and I can start them there later on.

However I don’t have the two wheelspins available there to start them.

Why are they not automaticaly available when I received them?
Can I restore these messages so I can get my VIP wheelspins for this week back?

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They’ve been available automatically for me each time. But to answer your queston, probably not.

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If you deleted them they are gone and you wont get them back
Never delete them …you live and learn

OK thanks, really weird that I dont have my wheelspins automatically then! I will hold on with removing the messages next week :frowning:

I did that first time too, but look on the bright side… you’re probably only missing out on a few skirts and hats and horns…


I deleted my lambo centenário