Can I not buy the ultimate edition if I live in canada

Why can I not purchase the ultimate edition…US only? If so, that’s the dumbest decision ever.

Canadian here, bought ultimate edition last week, logged in at 9:45 PST last night.

When looking for support please provide as much detail as you can:

Are you looking for disc or digital?
Which methods have you tried for purchasing? (retailer, dashboard, Xbox app, Windows Store app, store)
Are you seeing Deluxe available and Ultimate is greyed out or throwing an error message?

I’m using the microsoft store, ultimate edition, which says buy… then I proceed to setup my credit card, but i can’t get past that because it won’t let me change my country from United states to Canada so I can’t put in my postal code to proceed with payment.

From this link?

and not the en-us url?

Yeah I figured it out, region on PC was set to US for windows store, game has been purchased… Now if it’d only stop crashing & glitching out, shooting my car flying across the map from bumping into an AI’s fender in the middle of a race ( good thing there’s a rewind feature :stuck_out_tongue: )