Can I get DLC tracks without getting 14GB content update?

Hi, sorry for the lengthy thread title.

I’m just a few hours away from picking up my X1 and FM5… and I’ve come to know that you absolutely NEED the 14 GB content update to enjoy the three DLC tracks.

I’m told it’s required for the game to properly function online; however, I’ll be initially doing my racing offline to come to terms with the game’s learning curve.

Is there a way for me to get Long Beach, R.America and The Ring without getting this heavy content update?

I want to start enjoying the game right away, rather than wait for this update. Internet connection ain’t all that hot either.

Thanks motorheads!

Think you’ll have to be patient on this.

And from what I’ve seen here and other forums, you’d be better letting the game fully download and fully install the update before playing to avoid any issue.

Best pick up a crate on the way home :wink:

Really? I need to wait for the content update to download completely before playing the game? I heard you could let it download in the background while enjoying the game.

Like I said, I’ll be doing offline mostly for the first couple of play-throughs.

You still think this is a concern?

Edit: You also mentioned “to avoid any issue”. What issues am I looking at by playing the game without installing this content update or playing while it is downloading??

Somebody help!! Hardly 2 hours away from taking delivery of F5 + X1!

I have DSL. And I loaded the game - made it so Xbox didn’t shut off and went to bed.

It takes a long time (even without the 14gb update) long gone are the days of pop in a disk and play; it seems.

There were bugs and glitches that got blamed on the download being corrupted while playing while downloading. Unless ther is some official word from someone in the know. I also suggest not playing while it is downloading.

I set my son and my Xbox up right after midnight and let them download- the games. Your going to be cussing in a bit of your thinking your going to be playing soon after bring the box home, sorry ahead of time.

You’ll just have to be a little more patient and then you’ll get to play and be wowed by the graphics.

Wait… I need the 14 gig download even if I’m doing offline racing only for a while?? That makes no sense!

I should be able to play the game offline for now, and do the title update later. Does this title update have all three DLC tracks by the way?

You won’t be playing right away no matter if you do the update or not. The way things work these days on XB1 and PS4 is that no matter whether it is a digital game or a physical copy of the game, it has to download to your HDD and from the disc, it’ll take somewhere around 2 to 3 hours just to download since it’s approx. 30-40GB. Sorry to disappoint you.

As for the content update, I believe to get the extra tracks and everything, you need to install the update. Not to mention for the Nurburgring update, it’s 3GB by itself. And yes, it’s better to wait until everything finishes installing before starting the game.

And one more thing. All the XB1 updates themselves.

You can play the game whilst everything installs, however your options will be extremely limited. The series/cars slowly start becoming available as the game installs so you’ll be able to at least do the first series once the game hits a few % install.

Speed Demon996, the advice you’ve been given from PTG Claret and others suggesting you shouldn’t play while the update is being downloaded and installed is solid.

Firstly, with the original copy of Forza Motorsport 5 in hand, you cannot get the DLC tracks without the title updates–that is the point of those updates. As for not attempting to play the game during the download and install process, there is no official word on this; however, many of us who have been providing helpful troubleshooting since the game’s debut have noted that gameplay issues appear to be mitigated when the user allows the update process to occur without forcing the system to manage this and gameplay processes at the same time. The potential issues which may be encountered as a result range from graphical glitches to corrupt file saves. Sure, the download and install procedure may take some time, but when you play the game during a title update, you are quite possibly risking the loss of so much more time to uninstall and start from the beginning when the download and install fails.

Now, there is another option if you are looking to avoid the large file size downloads. The Game of the Year edition of Forza Motorsport 5 should include all content and title updates. To verify, you may want to track down someone one these forums who owns this copy to confirm this. Otherwise, as an original copy owner, you have no other option but to accept the content updates to receive the files which contain the DLC track content and to have access to online features.

I’ve download it. All three tracks are there along with the cars.

I did accidentally launch the game (pressed the b button, how the heck did it launch?!) while looking around the dash to find some console options. Though it never went past the intro video and the screen where it says press a to begin. So I think we’re good!

Mine downloaded fine, no graphical glitches or corrupt saves. Though I’ve been noticing intermittent (though occasional) performance hiccups on all tracks. Stutters for maybe a split second. Was there before I applied the update. Still is there.

Perhaps the hardware getting stressed and being unable to 100% keep up with the physics engine or data being loaded while the race is going on?

No, that should not be an issue. Check the other thread you’ve posted for my reply.