Can I get away with 2 pitstops?

Road Atlanta 300 (or is it 250?) Anyway, it was 40 laps and I had it set for simulation mode. Meaning, I would need pits for wrecks, fuel, tires, etc.

The Question: The car choice was McLaren, Vette, Bently, Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari and BMW. All in full race car Livery. Is it possible to do 2 pits in any of the car choices?

I had the Audi, I crashed 3 times into the tires on the last corner, coming onto the final straight before the finish line and overhead bridge. Needing a pit after one lap.
Crashed at lap 12, pits on next lap
at lap 21 pits on next lap
at lap 29 pits on next lap
So I did not have a chance to find out how many pits were needed.

I hovered in the 9-11th position up until lap 30, then I stopped hitting the tires and gobbled up the field in 10 laps. Finishing 2nd, 300’ behind the leader. I’m not sure how often the others hit the pits and I wonder if there is a better choice car to knock off a pit.


Short answer, yes, you can easily do it on two pits.

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You can do a one stop.

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Most of the cars can do the whole race with a single pit stop. I know, because I tested them, and here’s the writeup: Forza 6 Endurance races fuel and tire wear - Google Sheets

Short summary: the Audi R8 and the Ferrari 458 need two pit stops, the others can do with one.

The results also seem to extrapolate reasonably well to the other GT3 endurance races, which can similarly be done with a single pit stop. YMMV, good luck!


WOW, A lot of work. Thank You for sharing.

Excellent work Nettrom. I love your attention to detail and especially your desire to share. Your work is appreciated.

It also depends on the drivatar difficulty and your ability if you need to do more stops then the AI.

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If you want to race sim and race humans lol then have a look at our website

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The cars you referred to in your post we have ran many times on lots of tracks and there is ways to make a car run good times and low amounts of pit stops

That is a lot of work nettrom. Hope you don’t mind, i’ve shared the info on Twitter etc. You are duly credited as originator of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks both, glad to hear it’s useful! And no, I don’t mind at all, I wrote it up so others could benefit from it, thanks for sharing it further! :slight_smile:

The GT races are generally a one stop, except for the Nurburgring which you will need two. Bathurst, you can get by with one, The Le-Mans, Daytona, and Sebring races usually need several stops, probably up to eight or nine at Sebring, Indy needs about six or seven.

Depends on the car (and maybe the driver?). I did the Nurburgring race in the Dodge Viper and pitted once, at the end of the 4th lap.

I watched YouTuber Super GT’s video on endurance. He spoke about fuel economy. Is there a way of finding this our for each car? I’m really into endurance. I set my own up in free play. You need to set drivertars to unbeatable otherwise they’re not competitive. Using the Avensis World Touring car on 25 laps of Le Mans I think I needed 6 stops. A little more conservative driving and I could have got round in 5.

Simple math…

In the game the C7.R corvette has the gas bar on the display that goes from 1 - 20…gallons I’m assuming.

I tested this out at Road Atlanta using the corvette

How to figure out the fuel economy is first figure out the car’s capacity, in this case the C7.R’s is 20 gals. then the track’s distance, I picked Road Atlanta for this, it’s 2.54 miles long.

Next I went into test drive mode, now it will be pretty difficult to determine how much fuel you spent per lap based on that stupid bar so I went into telemetry and selected the damage tab…at the bottom right it states the fuel % used up. I took two measurements, one from a rolling start and the other from off the line.

Off the line I lost 5% ( 1 gallon) for one lap of 2.54 miles

Rolling start I lost 4% (0.8 gallons) for one lap again.

So I guess you can go 22-23 laps before you need to refuel.


Thanks for that bud! Seems a lot of effort though, even if your logic is sound. I was hoping the game would have this data on a tab somewhere.

I approach it more basically. Today I ran the Bentley 30 laps of Le Mans classic (no chicane on the straight). I ran 5 laps checking the % on the damage tab, as you described, on each lap at a certain point. It’s quite thirsty, but I was able to work out I needed to pit every 6 laps. On such a long circuit I couldn’t fuel save and maintain optimum pace.