Can Forza 8 just be a remastered forza 4 please

That was a special game…

I missed 5 and 6 so I judge forza 7 based on my thoughts regarding forza 4…

What happened ?!

I’ve put roughly 20 hours into This game and the glaring differences are just unimaginable… I hate being so negative and I’m really sorry for that…

I just cannot get over how poor the MP elements are… the hopper lobbies make me want to cry…

Forza 7 and horizon 4 have disappointed more than any game I can think off in recent times…

I sold my PS4 to be able to play these two games on Xbox…


I don’t really think it’s good business practice to make a game that only a couple of dozen people will buy.


A couple dozen haha, I lost half my friends list after Forza 5 came out because of how many people being forced into hoppers again. Forza 2 had custom publics. Forza 3 forced hoppers - outrage ensued- Forza 4 came back out with custom publics and the lobbies were plentiful and enjoyable, Forza 5…joke…forza 6…joke…forza 7 we got the cars, a good amount of tracks(still miss Tsukuba), and great driving physics but again forced into hoppers. no car clubs and shared garage, no gifting cars. Lots of amazing featured removed so they could prance around touting 60FPS in STUNNING 4K…something most people don’t care about(see PUBG graphics for reference-game looks like poo but gameplay is awesome).

Yes I do think we all look back at Forza 4 as the best of the best and I still played it while Forza 6 was out and throughly enjoyed it, but I question the business decisions and direction the past leadership brought the franchise to. I would gladly take a graphics downgrade to 1080P to regain all the features of Forza 4. no questions asked. I would actually repurchase the game at full price if they did this. There is real world money out there waiting for them to bring these features back that the old community was waiting for them to announce but it may be too late by the sound of how enjoyable some of the competition is from what I hear from my friends. The only complaint I hear from my friends with competitors games is the lack of cars…but thats about it. Forza has that and could easily eat up a lot of that market but continue to disappoint with their direction time and time again.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again they could literally stop production of race regulations, bring back custom public with a host’s ability to remove insubordinate racers and regain a humongous chunk of the demographic they claim they are going after…or release more hot wheels car packs and see where that takes the game I guess.


No. Now let’s be patient and move on, Forza 7 is not nearly as bad as it was upon release. They are improving as time goes on so just sit back and see what happens


… I agree 100%, but …

My relative ‘time spent driving’ has told me a story in FM6/7. I did 951hrs in 23 months in FM6 and have done 211 hrs in 13 months in FM7 - my life circumstances have stayed the same over that 3yr period as well as my Forza fanaticism! My early edition X1 is clearly struggling now but a new one won’t much improve clunky menus and long loading times.

Until recently i had thought 6 to be my favourite particularly multiplayer and the excellent game design in the Porsche expansion (although 7 has improved upon it in many ways). That was until i fired up my '09 X360 Elite late edition (loud fan with HDMI port)

I’ve got hooked on FM3 again. What a joy it was to press a button and find action-reaction. To the game itself…

What a beautiful looking game. Better lighting and colour palette than FM4 and the tyre modelling was better too - bit too slidey on FM4 but suspension modelling felt more believable on the latter. The AI behave well in 3 and react to your presence better. They are a bit slow on the staights but better thru the turns so you can match up easily by handicapping horsepower. They become very competitive in faster/racing cars and i aint that slow

If you aren’t bothered about cups the career is better in both 3 and 4. In addition to class/division there are championships based on engine type, drivetrain, body style, region, era, manufacturer, manufacturer vs manufacturer etc

Overall due to content and features 4 is probably a better game. If you live outside the USA you can pick up a pre owned Ultimate Edition of 3 on disc with nearly all of the content. From within the USA 2,3 and 4. I’d recommend all three to anyone either to try for the first time or to revisit

I’m looking forward to what the future holds for the Motorsport series… I hope Turn10 sometimes take a look back - for some future inspiration and to take pride in their achievements

Even if I absolutely love FM4, I wouldn’t change the superior things on it (AI, public lobbies, storefront) for the very good ones in FM7 (weather/night, far superior tracklist, carlist with forzavista…)


No thanks. FM4 is the most disappointing entry in the series for me. Twice.

I believe that when people remember FM4 they think about content. Just a ton of cars and tracks.

I don’t think that’s enough anymore for Forza Motorsport. They need to find the “sauce” that ties it all together and makes you want to come back, from a Motorsport perspective.

So many people cry about missing FM4. Fire up the 360 and play it. FM7 isn’t holding anyone hostage.


Why is this a recurring theme. I have all the Forza games and I’ve gone back and played them all relatively recently. Believe it or not, the multiplayer features and auction house still work within Forza 3 and 4 despite them reaching end of life status long ago. If you look at both games objectively, the on track racing is far superior in FM7 to FM4. This is especially true if you are a wheel user. Even going from 6 to 7 is a big big difference.

The features most people want from 4 are mostly out of track things like clubs, storefronts, gifting, custom public lobbies and such. The actual racing in 7 is better. The career is more organized and makes more sense being broken up into legible series that you can choose what you drive instead of just choosing a car and running 2 or 3 of them through the whole game in an interconnected series of races that make no sense. Can someone tell me what the point is of the “world championship” races in Forza 4 other than having to do 2 of them? The FM4 series didn’t keep track of points or standing, and when running a championship, winning the first heat didn’t give you a better starting position in the second.

@Ti Hsien: I have to disagree. FM5 is the most disappointing by far. I got a 360 at the end of FM4’s life when FM5 had already come out. The club I ran with chose to stick with running FM4 instead of upgrading to 5 on the XB1. It wasn’t until FM6 came out that everyone got Xbox Ones and starting playing that.


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The second time FM4 disappointed me was after playing FM5 on a friend’s XBOne. It gave me the itch to play Forza again so I bought the GOTY or Complete version of FM4 from a bargain bin. The driving in FM4 was terrible to go back to. I’d visit my friend and get a taste of FM5 and then come home to FM4. Ultimately, the awfulness of FM4 in direct comparison with FM5 is what pushed me to get an XBOne.

I think FM4 was great, but dev time needs to be put towards making FM8 great on launch.

FM4 was great for it’s time, but when people ask for a remaster I don’t think they realise it’s missing some “important” things today’s racing games have.

quote=Kdogg788;1009663]Why is this a recurring theme.

Obviously I can’t speak for others, but from my experience and what I’ve seen FM4 was very well rounded, the cars seemed to have more consistent quality, multiplayer features sounded pretty good (I only play single player) and it was “finished” on launch. It’s back from a time when every successive FM was better than the last in my opinion.

Here’s how I see it, when FM7 released it was third amongst the lineup of Forza Motorsport titles with fm4 and fm6 taking the lead overall. But with each subsequent update the game become ever so slightly better, and I say ever so slightly because each update seemed to have brought bugs along with it and it’s still like that. But that being said at this point this game is just good.and they are going to continue to make it even better. Although this game and us players are begging for a track, and I feel T10 will deliver at least one within the next year, there’s no denying that besides a few too many trucks and off-road type vehicles content has been pretty good, divisions have filled out, many heavily requested cars have made their way to the game and even some welcome additions have popped in too. So now at this point I feel fm7 while it still needs work, it is the best of the series to me at least. And I see this game being a turning point for FM8, it should be even better.


Hmm I don’t see why a Forza 4 anniversary can’t be possible. Forza 8 should be it’s own Forza with its own new features cars, tracks, etc… then maybe a remaster of Forza 4 later since that’s when FM series was its prime.

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That’s not really how it goes though. The Motorsport series is more of an evolution and attempt at improving the driving experience with each game. It still has a ways to go, especially with FFB, race regs, handling, and collisions, but FM7 is the best on track experience in the series thusfar in my opinion. The extra, out of track stuff can be requested as “requested features” and go from there. I’m also hoping there will be more tracks in the future. There are way more than enough cars, so many in fact that I don’t even use most of them and the car pass doesn’t add much to the experience. I’ve barely used the DLC cars.


You guys are right I definitely do see FM4 through rose tinted glasses

As you mention it, it was the custom lobbies. Proper race track rotation

But worst of all, I miss racing with xlastprincex in our Opel Astra GT cars…

He was an epic racer

I liked that Forza 4 had different times of day for the tracks, so it was nice to race at sunset instead of the blinding sun in some tracks. It also had alot of cars that have not returned like the DeLorean, BMW Art cars, etc. It had the SS badges proper, it had the Porsche expansion which was fantastic. It had the first iteration of Forzavista, complete with voiceovers for each car, which was nice. Who could forget the “Endangered Species” commercial with Jeremy Clarkson?

It also had good menu music unlike what Forza 7 currently has. As a matter of fact, they should release Forza 4,5,6 menu/background music DLC for free along with different “home” locations.

The best thing they could do if announce FM4 is X-enhanced for backward compatibility, like they did with FH1.

While I do not mind the current music (it does get a little repetitive, I’ll give you that) this sounds like a great idea.

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Does anyone remember the hire driver feature Forza 4 had? I only used it once lol